facebook ads ad metrics
Sheet1facebook ads ad metrics
facebook ads adset metrics
Sheet1facebook ads adset metrics
facebook ads campaign metrics
Sheet1facebook ads campaign metrics
Download facebook-ads-ad-metrics.xlsx Download facebook-ads-adset-metrics.xlsx Download facebook-ads-campaign-metrics.xlsx


facebook group all in one
Sheet1facebook group all in one
facebook group daily totals post type
Sheet1facebook group daily totals post type
facebook group daily totals post type
Sheet1facebook group daily totals
facebook group discussion
Sheet1facebook group discussion
facebook group post type results
Sheet1facebook group post type results
facebook group users
Sheet1facebook group users
Download facebook-group-all-in-one.xlsx Download facebook-group-daily-totals-post-type.xlsx Download facebook-group-daily-totals.xlsx Download facebook-group-discussion.xlsx Download facebook-group-post-type-results.xlsx Download facebook-group-users.xlsx


All In One Admin Posts
Sheet1All In One Admin Posts
Daily Detailed Reactions
Sheet1Daily Detailed Reactions
Daily Reactions
Sheet1Daily Reactions
Engaged Users Detail
Sheet1Engaged Users Detail
Media URL
Sheet1Media URL
Reactions for Each Post Type
Sheet1Reactions for Each Post Type
User Count With Type of Engagement
Sheet1User Count With Type of Engagement
User Counts
Sheet1User Counts
Download All In One Admin Posts.xlsx Download Comments.xlsx Download Daily Detailed Reactions.xlsx Download Daily Reactions.xlsx Download Engaged Users Detail.xlsx Download Media URL.xlsx Download Posts.xlsx Download Reactions for Each Post Type.xlsx Download User Count With Type of Engagement.xlsx Download User Counts.xlsx


All in one single post
Sheet2All in one   single post
Comments for Post
Sheet1Comments for Post
Engaged Users
Sheet1Engaged Users
Most Commented
Sheet1Most Commented
Most Liked Comments
Sheet1Most Liked Comments
Reaction Types
Sheet1Reaction Types
Top Comment Types
Sheet1Top Comment Types
Top Commenters
Sheet1Top Commenters
Download All in one - single post.xlsx Download Comments for Post.xlsx Download Engaged Users.xlsx Download Most Commented.xlsx Download Most Liked Comments.xlsx Download Reaction Types.xlsx Download Top Comment Types.xlsx Download Top Commenters.xlsx


facebook engagement metrics
Sheet1facebook engagement metrics
facebook fans metrics
Sheet1facebook fans metrics
facebook impressions metrics
Sheet1facebook impressions metrics
facebook post trend metrics
Sheet1facebook post trend metrics
Download facebook-engagement-metrics.xlsx Download facebook-fans-metrics.xlsx Download facebook-impressions-metrics.xlsx Download facebook-post-trend-metrics.xlsx


facebook post video views trends
Sheet1facebook post video views trends
Download facebook-post-video-views-trends.xlsx

Instagram Account

instagram account comments
Sheet1instagram account comments
instagram account summary
Sheet1instagram account summary
instagram likers by account
Sheet1instagram likers by account
instagram my followers
Sheet1instagram my followers
instagram who i follow
Sheet1instagram who i follow
Download instagram-account-comments.xlsx Download instagram-account-summary.xlsx Download instagram-likers-by-account.xlsx Download instagram-my-followers.xlsx Download instagram-who-i-follow.xlsx
Assign default values for the reports in this category.

Instagram Hashtag

instagram comments by hashtag
Sheet1instagram comments by hashtag
instagram hashtag by hashtag
Sheet1instagram hashtag by hashtag
instagram likers by hashtag
Sheet1instagram likers by hashtag
Download instagram-comments-by-hashtag.xlsx Download instagram-hashtag-by-hashtag.xlsx Download instagram-likers-by-hashtag.xlsx
Assign default values for the reports in this category.
Assign default values for the reports in this category.